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OurZWNAV Factory Store

I want to warn everyone that the seller on aliexpress OurZWNAV Factory Store is a scammer! I paid for a Tesla PX6 screen for Cadillac for almost 50,000 rubles. After a time 3 times longer than promised, the goods arrived. When I tried to install it in my car, it turned out that it didn’t fit my car, and it was simply inoperable. The deadline for returning through Ali’s website has already passed, I wrote to this scammer through feedback. He told to send him the goods back. So that he returned the money. Sent, this bastard received a package. Since then, he stopped responding to messages. This OurZWNAV Factory Store is a rogue and a scammer. I can provide the correspondence to anyone interested. Order number 5008259632557496

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